$1 Hosting – Top 10

GoDaddy Best Hosting
  • $7.99$1.00/mo
  • FREE domain
    Industry-leading load times
    Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
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iPage Best Hosting
  • $6.99$1.99/mo
  • $500 in Extras Included
    Unlimited Domains
    $200 FREE Advertising Credits
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inMotion Best Hosting
  • $7.99$4.89/mo
  • FREE Domain
    FREE 1-Click Installer
    $250 FREE Advertising Credits
  • 38% OFF:
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HostWinds Best Hosting
  • $4.00/mo
  • Softaculous Auto-Installs
    Nightly Backups
    Unmetered Bandwidth
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DreamHost Best Hosting
  • $7.95$5.78/mo
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)
    97 Day Money Back
    Unlimited Domains
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eHost Best Hosting
  • $5.50$2.75/mo
  • Free Domain for Life
    45 day Money-Back
    $200 Free Advertising Credits
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SiteGround Best Hosting
  • $7.95$3.95/mo
  • Managed WP hosting
    FREE transfer and domain
    24/7 expert support
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JustHost Best Hosting
  • $7.34$2.49/mo
  • FREE Domain
    30 Day Money-Back
    $200 Free Advertising Credits
  • 63% OFF:
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FatCow Best Hosting
  • $8.95$3.15/mo
  • Unlimited Domains
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    $200 FREE Advertising Credits
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Arvixe Best Hosting
  • $4.00$3.20/mo
  • FREE Site Builder
    FREE Online Store
    FREE Domain
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There are many companies out there that offer $1 hosting and it all comes down to you to figure out which one will suit your needs. You just have to take your time and make the right choice, which can be a little bit of a challenge at times, depending on the situation. You need to take your time and work very hard in order to see which ones of these hosting providers are worth your time and with that in mind we created a list of hosts that can help.

You have to remember that even if they feel similar, each host actually comes with its unique set of features. They have great $1 hosting features and great attention to detail that do add up into an incredible value. Basically, if you do want to have the best hosting these are maybe the best choices that you can find on the market, and here is why!


Best $1 Hosting Providers

1. iPage

The great thing about this $1 hosting option is that it’s inexpensive and that does offer it great features. Once you start using its services you will see that they work very well and they do have a very small downtime to begin with. They also add around $200 worth of offerings here and they do a great job when it comes to helping you acquiring extras as well.

A great feature for them comes in the form of unlimited domains, which is a very helpful feature and one designed to bring a very good value here. You will appreciate the great experience that they offer and the fact that you can purchase this $1 hosting with a good support is also really interesting. They do offer a nice experience in regards to the overall options you have, so as a whole iPage is a great provider.

2. inMotion

Once you choose to work with this $1 hosting provider you will see that they have a great set of features here. They integrate a dedicated 1-click installer and as many others, you can also receive around $250 in advertising from them. They also offer a free domain offering and one that does help provide a very good value right from the start. Overall, you can’t really obtain a better option if you want quality for your cash. It’s an interesting experience for sure, and one that you will definitely appreciate right from the start.

3. HostWinds

Hostwinds really manages to bridge the gap and it helps deliver a very good $1 hosting experience without any effort. They deliver nightly backups, a good automatic installation feature and on top of that the bandwidth is unmetered which is always a plus. If you combine that with the small price and the fact that they have a really good support, then you are bound to see how much value you can get here. Overall, this is an extraordinary investment and one that will pay off immensely in the long run. You should totally check it out right away, so just give it a try and rest assured that this host will amaze you with the features that it has.

Overall, this is an extraordinary investment and one that will pay off immensely in the long run. You should totally check it out right away, so just give it a try and rest assured that this host will amaze you with the features that it has.

4. DreamHost

You can find hundreds of thousands of DreamHost users. The reason is simple, you can get your money back in up to 3 months, so basically you can use them without restriction during that time. They might not be a $1 Hosting option since they cost around $5.78 per month but still, at this price you can’t really require more value than that to be honest. You should consider them thanks to the great support, stellar uptime and all those other features that raise the bar and bring them near the top. Give their services a try and you will definitely appreciate the results.

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a worldwide known brand. It is mostly known for it’s domain registration services, however it is not their only great product. Their hosting is pretty superb with industry-leading load times and guaranteed 99.9% uptime. And something would be wrong if they wouldn’t give you a free domain name along your hosting plan. So they do give free domain name when you purchase their hosting.

6. eHost

eHost’s main feature that makes it maybe the best $1 hosting out there is that it delivers a free domain for life. Combine that with the 45-day money back guarantee and the $200 free advertising then this will be quite the immersive offer. If you add to that the fact that it works even for those on a budget, you are bound to appreciate the great experience you obtain in this situation.

7. SiteGround

This is one of the companies that you will like quite a bit because not only do they offer a stellar WordPress hosting, but you can also use their services to transfer domains without a problem. The downtime is minimal here and the overall speed is more than good. They also have a great $1 hosting option and you do have access to an amazing set of benefits for the lowest price. SiteGround can be a very good option for those persons that want a simple, yet refined and very interesting host that works very well as a whole.

8. JustHost

This company has some amazing features for the $2.49 it requires each month. Obviously, it might not be the $1 hosting you always wanted, but it does have $200 of advertising features, free domains and you even get your money back in up to 30 days if you don’t like it. At this small price, you can’t really ask for more to be honest and in the end that’s what makes JustHost one of the best hosting providers on this list. Obviously, there are many other criteria to follow here but as a whole you will see that this is a stellar host with lots of benefits, including a styled cPanel and great uptime.

9. FatCow

With FatCow you get a very good, fast hosting service and one that has some of the best uptimes in this list. Like many other $1 hosting services it also features $200 worth of advertising and it also manages to help you get the money back if you are unsatisfied. You do have the ability to test it if you want but as a whole FatCow is indeed one of the most powerful hosting services out there and one of the best for people that require and enjoy fast hosting done on a budget.

10. Arvixe

Arvixe is pretty good as a host and it does deliver plenty of great features that you will enjoy. It’s a pleasant host, with a good cPanel and it also has a very interesting online store. It even delivers a dedicated free domain, which is quite amazing considering the price. For those that want a $1 hosting or something similar, Arvixe might actually be some of the best options out there, so you should consider trying out its services as it can be a great investment to be honest.


Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.


How to choose the best hosting service?

Choosing the right $1 hosting service can be quite the hassle to be honest. You have to take your time and do all in your power in order to identify the right features and use them in a proper manner. Thankfully, this is not as hard as it sounds as long as you focus on:

  • Price, because pricing is indeed important here. If you do want a good host, you obviously want to spend less and get lots of benefits, which is what you will obtain here. Thankfully, with the $1 hosting you do get quite a lot and pricing is not that much of a problem.
  • Bandwidth is also crucial, because the last thing you want to do is to have your website traffic limited due to these restrictions
  • Storage is important as well. If you don’t have enough storage you won’t be able to better expand your site. This means you will have restrictions in regards to the content you post and what you store. It can be a very good idea to invest in more storage or opt for unlimited storage if that is the case
  • Uptime is crucial for all $1 hosting options. You do need to have a good uptime because the last thing you want is to see people unable to access your site due to the host
  • Ease of use is important too. With a good ease of use, great interface and cPanel you won’t have a problem configuring the hosting service and harnessing its benefits.
  • Support replies and availability is yet another criteria. You need to take your time and opt for the best support team that really matters. You should totally consider the $1 hosting service that actually delivers great results for the audience as that does pay off immensely in the long run.


$1 Hosting Questions and Answers

There’s no denying that we are all encountering various hosting related questions and finding the best answers to then can be nothing short of a challenge. With that in mind, here are some of the best questions and answers that will help you figure out what is hosting, how can you use it and what type of benefits you can get from it!

What is hosting?

Simply put, the $1 hosting is designed to help you store website files online. If you want to create a site, you do need hosting because this type of service will allow you to connect with other people from all over the world. There are many things to consider when you choose your host and even if you can host a site on your own computer, this is not recommended. You will never have the ability to offer the uptime, professionalism, safety and the overall quality that a professional host can offer. That’s why working with a professional in this field is a much better and more reliable experience.

Should you purchase hosting?

Obviously, there are many free options out there but you should still consider getting $1 hosting. It’s cheap and you have a lot more control. Plus, you also get support that is quite a big deal if you want to have a fully functioning site. The website speed is also better and the overall quality is pretty much doubled or tripled if you opt for a paid host. Basically, this is the best investment that you can make as a website owner.

Should I choose shared, dedicated or VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is using virtual servers, dedicated hosting uses dedicated servers and shared hosting uses servers that can also be accessed by others. Their own definition seems to indicate both strengths and weaknesses. It usually comes down to the budget you have because based on that you can get the best experience and outstanding results. Considering the value for money, usually shared hosting is more than ok. As your site grows you can opt for VPS or even dedicated hosting.

What is the domain name?

The domain name is basically a combination of words and numbers that will help you define your site. Users need to know the domain name in order to access your site so this is a crucial option and results can be very well worth it in the end. You need to take your time and come up with a very good domain name as the outcome can be very good in the end.

Is there a great price for hosting?

It depends on you and your needs. Some types of hosting start from $1, while others can go up to 1000$ or even more. Small companies and businesses that don’t need to have a lot of data stored online can opt for this inexpensive hosting but as you grow your site’s needs will grow as well so you will have to expand!

If you have some questions, feel free to contact us.