Best Advertising Networks For Publishers – Top 10

AdSense Best Advertising Networks for Publishers
  • The right ads for your audience
    You’re in control
    Only the highest paying ads go live
Spoutable Best Advertising Networks for Publishers
  • Non Distracting
    Premium Content
    Automatically Optimized
RevenueHits Best Advertising Networks for Publishers
  • XML Feeds.
    Custom Formats
    100% Fill on ALL GEOS
MediaNet Best Advertising Networks for Publishers
  • High quality advertisers
    Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads
    Huge Advertising Pool
RevContent Best Advertising Networks for Publishers
  • Returns range from $3 RPMs to as high as $40 RPMs
    Quality and perfomrance driven
    Complete brand protection
InfoLinks Best Advertising Networks for Publishers
  • 3rd largest ad marketplace
    4 billion monthly ad views
    Ads triggered by intent
Adsterra Best Advertising Networks for Publishers
  • High revenue and global coverage
    Personal account manager
    On-time payments
ClickBooth Best Advertising Networks for Publishers
  • Offer Excellence
    Timely Payouts
    High Payouts
7search Best Advertising Networks for Publishers
  • Higher revenue share, on time payouts
    Instant access to thousands of advertisers
    Your own personal account manager
AdBlade Best Advertising Networks for Publishers
  • Standard and advanced ad units
    Strong sales controls
    Robust reporting

Finding the best advertising networks for publishers can be quite demanding but you need to do this and there are a number of reasons why. First, the idea of working with the best advertising networks for publishers will allow you to monetize your site the proper way and you obviously want that to happen. It will also help offer a very good attention to detail and a great experience right from the start, which is a very good one to begin with.

Moreover, working with the best advertising networks for publishers will allow you to earn a good revenue as you try to make more money from your site. Obviously this can be quite a challenge at first but it will be very rewarding in the long run as well. It’s all about the value that you can expect from these publishers and the outcome can be very well worth it in the end.

One thing to note in regards to these sites that you can find in the list is that all of them are created with a great quality in mind and because of that they are very serious at what they do. Once you hire them you will be safe all while trying to explore all the possibilities that come your way at all times. You will definitely appreciate the great results and the outstanding focus that you can access here and in the end that will help provide you with the best value.

Granted it will not be an easy feat at first because each of the best advertising networks for publishers have their own set of features and benefits which might seem a little convoluted and very demanding at first to begin with. But without further ado, here are the ones that you should focus on right now.


Top Advertising Networks for Publishers

1. Google AdSense

Google’s tool is one of the most popular and that’s for a very good reason. Google is one of the main forces in the tech world right now and it has managed to bring in front a very good value all around. It has some great features that you can use, the attention to detail is very good and as a whole you do get a very good value right from the start. The entire process of choosing ads is very accurate and it does allow you to reach your audience the right way, which is always a plus. Only the highest paying ads will go live and this can be very encouraging for you.

Google also has a very good system put in place that does make targeting a lot easier than many others. That on its own delivers value, great results and it’s just one of the best tools to use out there. If you truly want to get the best outcome then you should try and consider working with them as it can be very well worth it in the end.

2. Spoutable

Spoutable is one of the best advertising networks for publishers because it’s non-distracting. Unlike the Google Ads that can be distracting at times, they opt for a much simpler solution and you do have to commend them for that. They deliver an insane value and great attention to detail in one great package and you should definitely consider working with them because of that. The premium content is also a nice bonus and everything is optimized automatically so you do not have to worry about any optimizations in the first place. If you want a good advertising network this one can be it!

3. RevenueHits

This site also has quite an interesting set of options that you can focus on and all of them are very good to begin with. The attention to detail is huge and in the end you can indeed obtain some interesting features if you choose to work with them. For example, you have XML feeds which work really well here and you also receive custom formats as well as a 100% fill on all geos. That means you can easily target people all over the world with this. For an ad service, it can be very professional and exciting and it all comes down to you to make the right choice at the end. They are however in the best advertising networks for publishers list for a reason, because they offer great value and a stellar attention to detail.

4. is known for many reasons and one of them is because it has some of the best advertisers on the market. It works great with Yahoo and Bing contextual ads and the overall results that you can get here are nothing short of impressive. For people that want to work with an established advertising network this site is surely one of the best on the market.

5. RevContent

The returns here will range from $3 to $40 RPM depending on the situation. It all comes down to you to get the best results and the outcome can be very well worth it because of that. You just need to do all in your power in order to achieve these results so don’t hesitate about that and use them. They are performance and quality driven and work very hard in order to achieve their goals the proper way. Obviously this is one of the best sites to keep an eye on if you want a good ad network, especially since they do offer a complete brand protection.

6. Infolinks

Intent, the owner of this site manages to deliver a great and innovative way of working with ads and that is really exciting to begin with. It’s all about the value and experience that you want to get here. They are the 3rd largest ad marketplace in the world and for a good reason, because they do manage to deliver a very good value and lots of views. They usually deliver 4 billion views per month, a unique testament of the power and professionalism that they can deliver. If you want an outstanding ad value you should check them out for sure.

7. Adsterra

With Adsterra you get pretty much a similar service to the other sites that you can find listed here. They have a very good high revenue and global coverage, which makes them some of the best and most approachable sites on the market. That on its own is extraordinary and you will surely appreciate the results that you can get from it. Plus, the fact that you get the payments on time and you have a personal account manager does tend to make Adsterra a lot more appealing and interesting than what you would expect in the beginning.

8. ClickBooth

This site is not as large as the other ones in the list but it doesn’t mean it’s bad. On the contrary, it has some really good features that I think everyone will appreciate and enjoy. For example, you have great quality and excellence in all that they do. You also get high and timely payouts which can be very attractive from people that do make a living only from online sources. The quality you receive here is huge and they do work to protect your interests, which is a plus for sure.

9. 7Search

This advertising network is known for offering a very high revenue share and their payouts are made on time. That alone will entice people to give it a shot because it can indeed help you make a living online with great ads placed the right way. They do work with some of the major advertisers on the market but also smaller ones and you do have a personal account manager. That on its own makes it very interesting, fun and exciting to enjoy all the experience here and rest assured that it will be very well worth using it.

10. AdBlade

With AdBlade the approach is simple and you do get to be successful if you approach it properly. They have advanced and standard ad units and they do have a robust reporting tool as well. These are mandatory for any of the best advertising networks for publishers and the results you can get here are amazing to begin with. As a whole, they also enable a very powerful sales control feature that is nothing more than impressive right from the beginning. You just have to start working with them and the results will appear very fast.


How to choose the best advertising networks for publishers?

The question is very good, because there are many advertising networks for publishers and not all of them deliver the best experience here. With that in mind, you have to think about the following things:

  • If they pay you on time, because no matter if you make lots of money or not, you do have the right to be paid on time. Checking some online reviews and seeing how they handle payments is a very good idea otherwise the results might not be as good for you in the end.
  • Reporting is also important, because you might need these reports for financial purposes. Try to work with them as close as possible and make sure that you get the right information. Let’s face it, taxation can be problematic if you don’t receive these reports so you have to take a look at that.
  • Track records are also important so once again you need to head towards the online reviews. These will let you know exactly what kind of value you can expect from the entire experience.
  • The networks they work with are also very important because if they reach a lot of people and they are renowned the value can be nothing short of amazing. You have to keep in mind the fact that a good network will always state their partners on the page so you have to just visit the page and you will be able to see if you like what they offer or not
  • Optimization is crucial as well. Some networks like Spoutable will automatically optimize ads and that can be a huge bonus for you. Also, any other features can add in some extra value so you should definitely keep that in mind the best way you can, that’s for sure.
  • Targeting is another service that you can’t find on all sites like this. However, targeting is very important and you need to do all in your power in order to get it done the right way. The outcome can be very well worth it if you choose to go down that route but not all networks have this.


Advertising Network Questions and Answers

It can be very hard to identify the best advertising networks for publisher and that’s mainly because there are so many of them to begin with. Thankfully, you will be able to obtain some great results if you choose to follow or guidelines. Also, here are some facts about how you can choose the best advertising network publisher.

Should I work with the best advertising networks for publishers?

Yes, because they can help you monetize your site the right way. If you have a blog or any other type of site, then it’s always a great idea to monetize it the right way just try to keep that in mind to get the best results.

Are these sites trustworthy?

All sites that you can find in the list have been used by millions of companies and people all over the world. Not only are they trustworthy but they do offer the professionalism and attention to detail that you always wanted.

Is my brand protected?

Most of these websites are offering a very good brand protection so you won’t have to worry about that. These are some of the best advertising networks for publishers on the market so the results are very good for sure if you choose to work with them.

Are these ads safe?

Yes, they are safe and not only that, they will also be catered to your audience. That’s what manages to offer them meaning all while helping you get some great results. In the end, the value is very good and you should definitely try to consider using these sites as fast as possible. Safety is not a concern and millions can vouch for them!