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What Are the Two Things You Can Control in the Stock Market

If you understand that you can only control two things in the stock market, the rest is easy. This understanding simplifies decision-making processes and lightens worry…

Your Cash

You can control the cash you have, whether it’s on-hand or in investments.

Entry & Exit Points or Your Stops

You can control where you get in stock or where you get out of stock. You can control where you get in a certain stock at a certain price or where you get out of a stock if it’s falling below.

As a stock is climbing higher and higher, it’s a profit point. It’s a point where you get out.

These are the only two things you can control: your cash and your stops. It makes things easy, doesn’t it?

We can’t control the wave of the market as individual investors. We are not the operators; the operators can control much more. We don’t have billons of dollars to put into one stop to make it move.

Of course you can control where your position is on spreads, but where are you getting in and where are you getting out? Your cash and your stops are in your control.

If you focus and remember the two things you can control, the worry will subside…

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