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We evaluate over 150+ penny stock charts pointing out areas where you could have entered the stock, taken profits, or where the stock rolled over.


A step-by-step beginner’s guide to the right way to trading penny stocks even if you have a small portfolio.

Accelerate Your Stock Market Education

One of the greatest things you learn in life is “how to learn.” Get an edge to absorbing future stock trading information & strategies.

Understand the Stock Market & How it Works

Get a basic understanding of the stock market. Awesome beginner course for people who are completely new to trading.

Stock Trading Foundation

Get a solid foundation when it comes to trading stocks. Learn about volume, technicals, & money management.

How to Trade Stocks with Technical Analysis

Focuses on in-depth technical analysis education with 17 training modules, 10+ hrs of training, & bonus videos!

Create Your Own Stock Trading System

Get insight into creating a trading system that keeps you consistent and profitable. Go through exercises so that you can create your strategy and system.

100 Stock Trading Tips

This video accompanies the book “100 Stock Trading Tips.” We go in-depth into many of the tips, explain them further, and discuss how they apply to your trading.

How to Scan Stocks & Build a Watch List

We cover topics like creating a scan, building A & B lists, picking software, & evaluating chart time frames.

245 Money Making Stock Chart Setups

In this course, we evaluate and study multiple charts on video from the book “245 Money Making Stock Chart Setups.”

Trader Transformation

The inner game of trading is often the most difficult to master. In this course, we focus on patience, behavior, discipline, emotions, and trading mindsets.

Day Trading Intensive

Day trading is about getting in & out of a stock quickly. You will learn how to start day trading, find consistent chart setups, manage losses, set your stops, get in & out of profitable trades, and grow your account.

Swing Trading Full Circle

In this course, you will learn how to swing trade stocks from start to finish. Topics include how to evaluate stock charts, when to get in, how to setup a trade, where to set your stops, & when to take profits.